YTB Plumbing's participation in the Harmony Day event at TAFE QLD was a major highlight of the day. They brought their fire trucks to the event and had a dedicated stand to showcase the world of civil plumbing and the career opportunities available in this field. Hundreds of students and teachers attended the event, and YTB Plumbing made sure to educate them on the various aspects of civil plumbing, such as water supply, drainage, and sewage management.

The event was a great opportunity for students to learn more about the world of civil plumbing and the different career paths available in this field. YTB Plumbing's presence at the event provided students with valuable insights into the industry and the skills required to pursue a career in plumbing. The company also had representatives on hand (Peter & Cody) to answer any questions the students had about the industry, which was incredibly helpful for those who were considering a career in plumbing.

In addition to their educational efforts at the TAFE QLD Harmony Day event, YTB Plumbing also hosted an ultimate tradesman competition to engage with the students and teachers in a fun and interactive way. The competition was aimed at testing the participants' skills in plumbing, and the winner was awarded a limited edition YTB hard hat as a prize.

The competition was a huge hit among the attendees, and many students and teachers participated in it with great enthusiasm. The competition provided a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills in plumbing, and learn from the experts at YTB Plumbing.

The limited edition YTB hard hat was a highly coveted prize, and the competition created a lot of buzz among the attendees. The competition was a great way to showcase YTB Plumbing's commitment to promoting trades and creating opportunities for young people to pursue careers in these fields.

Overall, YTB Plumbing's participation in the TAFE QLD Harmony Day event was a huge success. They not only educated students and teachers on the world of civil plumbing but also emphasized the importance of inclusivity and cultural diversity in the workplace. The event was a great way to celebrate the rich diversity of the community at Acacia Ridge TAFE campus, and YTB Plumbing's contribution to the event was greatly appreciated. Their dedication to supporting the local community and promoting the plumbing industry was truly inspiring, and their involvement in the event was a testament to their commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Client Testimonial

"As a company that’s been established on the Gold Coast for 15 plus years, it’s always been hard to find a level of service that Pete from YTB gives with the civil connections. We’ve been using YTB for nearly 5 years now and couldn’t recommend the team enough. From Low-risk connections to intricate OPW sewer diversions on main road corridors, the team at YTB seem to get it done without any hassles or issues. YTB’s relationship with all third-party entities on all civil connections are very close and well respected which is defiantly a reflection of the high level of professionalism and attention to detail on every job they have completed for us whether it be big or small. As YTB is a family owned and operated company it’s not uncommon to call the office to be redirected to peter the owner who will be onsite with his team and still take the time to discuss future works. It’s this reason YTB is our only choice when it comes to civil connections."

Jesse Backholm

Construction Supervisor


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