When YTB Plumbing first learned about the Kokoda Challenge, a grueling 48 km or 96 km hike that traverses the rugged terrain of the Gold Coast hinterland, we were immediately captivated by its essence and purpose. It didn't take long for us to make a resolute decision – we were going to assemble a team to take on this extraordinary challenge.

Since its inception in 2004, the Kokoda Challenge has drawn thousands of teams, each with an unwavering determination to confront the formidable 'big 5' mountains, amassing a staggering 4,000 meters of elevation gain. It's a test of endurance that includes navigating numerous creek crossings and marching through the chilling darkness of the night. This event is not for the faint-hearted; it's designed for individuals who seek to accomplish something truly exceptional and push the boundaries of their perceived limitations. While it may appear to be primarily a physical challenge, it ultimately becomes a mental battleground – a terrain that perfectly aligns with YTB's affinity for both physical and mental challenges.

Operated by the Kokoda Youth Foundation, the Kokoda Challenge serves a noble purpose. It exists to raise funds for their experiential youth programs while educating Australians about the historical significance of the 1942 Kokoda Campaign. When we discovered an opportunity to contribute, support, and provide young Australians with a better chance at life, our decision to form a team was a no-brainer.

Participating in this event has brought our team even closer together. It's not just about conquering mountains; it's about uniting for a greater cause, strengthening our bonds, and demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young Australians. The Kokoda Challenge has become more than a physical and mental trial for us; it's an embodiment of our shared values and a testament to our determination to help others reach their full potential.

In conclusion, YTB Plumbing's decision to take on the Kokoda Challenge reflects our deep-seated passion for overcoming adversity and our unwavering commitment to giving back to our community. This remarkable event has not only tested our physical and mental fortitude but has also enriched our sense of purpose and brought us closer as a team, united in our pursuit of making a meaningful difference in the lives of young Australians.

Client Testimonial

"When working with large Tier 1 clients and builders it’s critical that we minimise downtime as much as possible and do everything we can to not interfere with their schedule or slow down their building timelines – which is why I need people around me that I can rely on. We’ve been working with the people from YTB Plumbing for around 2 years now for one primary reason – complete dependability. They are extremely organised, they get in and get out without any headaches, and they consistently do a great job out on site – it’s almost as if they’re an extension of our own operation."

Peter Attard



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