One of our primary goals for 2023 here at YTB Plumbing was to give back to the local Gold Coast community – the city that has given us so many connections, keeping our dream alive and supporting our families over the past 6 years.

We were lucky enough to be invited by the Currumbin Special School to attend their ‘Hero’s Day’ where our entire team were built up to be superhero plumbers for the day and educate the kids.

In true YTB fashion we arrived with a strong presence, pulling into the school driving our big red branded fire trucks and hauling our heavy excavator machinery.

We were introduced to the entire school, shared with the kids the YTB Plumbing story introducing each team member highlighting their strengths (Big wrighty – super strength, Young Cody – strategy and organisation etc.) and Peter was able to deliver a speech about the fundamental importance of hard work, focus, and consistency as well as an introduction into how plumbing works.

From here our team, teachers, and kids all hit the oval and we hosted a range of exciting games from AFL, soccer goal shooting, to even ten pin bowling for the kids who were unable to kick a ball. The kids were then given a full tour of our fire trucks, tipper trucks, and even sat on our excavator while they wore a YTB hard hat (if you could see their smiles!).

After all this excitement we ended the day with a question and answers segment where the teachers and kids asked a lot of great questions about civil plumbing and plumbing in general – which then concluded with the team handing out a big range of YTB merchandise as a way for the kids to remember the day. We handed out speakers, hats, shirts, beanies etc.

The feedback from parents and teachers was all praise and it was such a great opportunity to get involved with the local community, put some smiles on the young kid’s faces, and teach our team the importance of sharing what you know and giving back.

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Client Testimonial

"When working with large Tier 1 clients and builders it’s critical that we minimise downtime as much as possible and do everything we can to not interfere with their schedule or slow down their building timelines – which is why I need people around me that I can rely on. We’ve been working with the people from YTB Plumbing for around 2 years now for one primary reason – complete dependability. They are extremely organised, they get in and get out without any headaches, and they consistently do a great job out on site – it’s almost as if they’re an extension of our own operation."

Peter Attard



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