Sponsoring the Kingy Footy Club holds a special place in my heart, as it connects me to a chapter of my life that left a lasting impact. Back in 2002, I had the privilege of playing my first senior football games with the club, marking the beginning of a four-season journey that would become a significant part of my life.

Those four years at Kingy Footy Club were about more than just football. Simultaneously, I was pursuing my plumbing apprenticeship, a pivotal period in my personal and professional development. It's during this time that I had the privilege of learning from a remarkable individual, the legendary 'Doggy.' He was not only a mentor but also someone who taught me nearly everything I know about plumbing. What made this experience even more special was Doggy's deep connection to the Kingy Footy Club, where he had been an integral part of the community.

Fast forward 21 years, and the legacy continues. Doggy's son now graces the field for the Kingy Footy Club as a junior player. Our bond remains unbroken, and we continue to keep in regular contact. Being able to support and contribute to the club that played such a pivotal role in both our lives is an absolute honour.

As one of their major sponsors, I am not just investing in a football club; I am investing in the enduring spirit of camaraderie, mentorship, and community that has thrived at the Kingy Footy Club for generations. It's a testament to the enduring connections that sports can forge and the way they tie together different phases of our lives. Supporting this club is a tribute to the past and a promise for the future, ensuring that the Kingy Footy Club remains a place where dreams are nurtured, and legacies are born.

Client Testimonial

"When working with large Tier 1 clients and builders it’s critical that we minimise downtime as much as possible and do everything we can to not interfere with their schedule or slow down their building timelines – which is why I need people around me that I can rely on. We’ve been working with the people from YTB Plumbing for around 2 years now for one primary reason – complete dependability. They are extremely organised, they get in and get out without any headaches, and they consistently do a great job out on site – it’s almost as if they’re an extension of our own operation."

Peter Attard



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