Dedicated to making a positive impact and forging meaningful connections with the local community, the YTB Plumbing team went above and beyond during a recent break between civil connection projects at North Burleigh.

In a community giveback initiative, the team set up a YTB Marquee and organised a free sausage sizzle event for all the local residents in the area.

For three hours, our team members immersed themselves in the community spirit. They engaged in friendly conversations, played spirited sports games, and took on the roles of grill masters and bartenders, serving up piping hot sausages, refreshing cold soft drinks, and giving away YTB merchandise. 

This act of goodwill rapidly gained attention online, as locals began to rally around the event, sharing their excitement and gratitude across social media platforms.

Beyond being a delightful break from their usual work, this event served multiple purposes for the YTB Plumbing team. It provided them with an opportunity to bond and strengthen their relationships, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extends far beyond the workplace. It was a reminder that teamwork is not only about project efficiency but also about building connections and unity within the team.

Moreover, the event allowed YTB Plumbing to become an active and welcomed part of the local community. By hosting a free and inclusive gathering, they demonstrated their commitment to giving back and enriching the lives of those they serve. This engagement served as a powerful reminder that businesses can play a vital role in fostering community bonds and enhancing the quality of life for everyone involved.

In summary, the YTB Plumbing team's initiative at North Burleigh was more than just a simple community event; it was a testament to their dedication to social responsibility and their commitment to making a meaningful impact. As they continue to excel in their projects, they also remain deeply rooted in their mission to contribute positively to the communities they serve.

Client Testimonial

"When working with large Tier 1 clients and builders it’s critical that we minimise downtime as much as possible and do everything we can to not interfere with their schedule or slow down their building timelines – which is why I need people around me that I can rely on. We’ve been working with the people from YTB Plumbing for around 2 years now for one primary reason – complete dependability. They are extremely organised, they get in and get out without any headaches, and they consistently do a great job out on site – it’s almost as if they’re an extension of our own operation."

Peter Attard



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