YTB Plumbing was recently tasked with a challenging project to complete a stormwater connection in one of the most iconic and busiest locations in Burleigh Heads. The job site was located on the corner of the Esplanade and 1st Ave, which sees a lot of foot traffic and vehicular movement, making it a particularly demanding project.

The scope of work involved the reconstruction of an existing DN 1200 manhole, which required the team to ensure that it was in alignment with Gold Coast City Council's standards. This was a crucial step in the project, as a properly aligned manhole would ensure efficient stormwater drainage in the area. In addition to reconstructing the manhole, YTB Plumbing also had to lay a new 375mm line across the Esplanade, which was a challenging task in itself. The team had to take great care to ensure that the line was laid properly and securely, while also minimising disruption to the area.

The project also required the construction of a new lip in line gully pit, which was a vital component of the stormwater connection. This was a challenging task that required careful planning and execution to ensure that the pit was built to the required specifications and standards. Furthermore, YTB Plumbing had to navigate around numerous existing live services, such as gas lines and electrical cables, to lay a new line from the gully pit and into the property boundary. This required a high level of expertise and experience, as any missteps could have resulted in serious damage to the existing services or the surrounding area.

As part of their responsibilities, YTB Plumbing also took care of all road reinstatement and concreting work. This was a critical part of the project, as it ensured that the area was restored to its original state and that there was no disruption to traffic flow or pedestrian access.

Client Testimonial

"As a company that’s been established on the Gold Coast for 15 plus years, it’s always been hard to find a level of service that Pete from YTB gives with the civil connections. We’ve been using YTB for nearly 5 years now and couldn’t recommend the team enough. From Low-risk connections to intricate OPW sewer diversions on main road corridors, the team at YTB seem to get it done without any hassles or issues. YTB’s relationship with all third-party entities on all civil connections are very close and well respected which is defiantly a reflection of the high level of professionalism and attention to detail on every job they have completed for us whether it be big or small. As YTB is a family owned and operated company it’s not uncommon to call the office to be redirected to peter the owner who will be onsite with his team and still take the time to discuss future works. It’s this reason YTB is our only choice when it comes to civil connections."

Jesse Backholm

Construction Supervisor


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